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You have a busy life, but you have a book inside you – or you have a book that needs to be written to boost your authority or profile. Don’t let another year go by – Here are some quick strategies to get your book published.

You gain two things:

  • Your first product is the learning you garner, you want to learn the most, so choose a book that you can publish simply and quickly.
  • Your second product is the book you publish as part of the exercise!

#2Easy2Publish is a system about taking the simplest path to publish a book as quickly and inexpensively as possible.

  • Keep it lean, do the minimum that is needed for a first book.
  • Keep it quick, the faster you can do this, the more likely that you are to finish.
  • Get it done – Completing a task is great for your self esteem and will motivate you to keep going.

What kind of book is the easiest and quickest to do?
A MVP – Minimum Viable Product, 100 pages or less in Black and White with no tables, preferably no lists, and no diagrams.
This is usually a Non-fiction book.

Work out your Whys

  • What book do you want to write and why?
  • Memoir – Yours or a family members’
  • Travel/Holiday – A significant journey that changed your life
  • Migration – What was your experience, what did you miss and what was strangest?
  • Recipes – Family recipes, travel recipes, new cuisine you learnt
  • Business – how to systematise your business
  • Tips and tricks/Skills – These books are really popular
  • Health and Wellness – An entire plethora of books are possible here

All this is only a minuscule fraction of what you will achieve in my workshops!

Get on the VIP list, no pitch, no fuss, no obligation – just be the first to know! Don’t miss out!

Note: Yes you will be able to publish on your own without this, but it is much better if you really came – you will love it, and you will get a valuable overview that will help you decide whether self-publishing is for you!