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The top benefits of joining the Bestselling Authors Co-creation Community

Bestselling Authors Co-creation Community

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Supportive community

Writing can be a lonely journey. Join our community and experience a sense of support and accountability that will help you complete your book and enjoy the process.

Individual Coaching

Get the benefit of intensive one-on-one coaching over multiple sessions with full access to your coach and other experts that will help you stand out from other authors.

Premium Services

Get end-to-end premium services including templates, planners, outlines and other detailed worksheets and videos in addition to recorded sessions that will help refine and strategize your writing process.

What People Say

I highly recommend Susan for anyone looking to publish a book and needs structure and encouragement to keep focused. Susan went over and above my expectations and in remarkable time.

Mary Loughland

Susan Jagannath is a super coach! Her dedication to delivering the bestselling result is amazing and so rare.

Meera Satyamurthy

I met Susan through a mutual friend, and straight away I knew that she was the person I wanted to help me get my work out there. I’m so pleased that I chose her!

Adam Branford

Susan Jagannath

Hi! My name is Susan

Who Am I, and Why am I the best choice to help you write and publish your book?

I’ve had more than three Amazon bestselling books. I am an author, coach and adventurer – I had to stay home this year because of the pandemic. Rather than use my skills and time to wander off and write more bestsellers, I decided to use my experience and help you become a bestselling author.

This live coaching is based on my experience writing, publishing and marketing my own books, in 2020, and talking to readers and authors worldwide. Publishing and writing books have boomed ahead, as more people search for books to read, inspire themselves, or start businesses or pivot their businesses. I’ve found that people want to hear, not from gurus in the stratosphere but from real people like you and me. The personalized strategies you will get here are based on my own real-time-relevant-right-now experience. They are things that all writers need to write a business bestseller that serves their readers in a post-corona world.

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