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More about Promotion

Book Marketing is a huge topic, and you can spend a lot of time learning about it, and even more cash paying for promotions that may or may not be worthwhile. Before you start, it’s wise to learn more about it

5 things you need to know about promoting your book:

1. Promote yourself

Because no one else has as much of a stake in your book being a success as you. This is not the time to be a shy and retiring writer, if you don’t want to promote yourself, promote your book, it can change someone’s life!

2. Because no one is as good or authentic as you

Readers love to hear from the author herself or himself. Be yourself, everyone else is taken. If you have written your book, your readers will recognise your voice and respond to it.

3. 95% of self published writers promote horribly

Because they just don’t know how to do it. You will have a 95% advantage over all those shoddy self-published books that sink to the bottom on the Amazon Bermuda triangle

4. Always use your mother, your friend or your lover as a promoter.

Because they love you – contact everyone and tell them you’re writing a book. Let them tell everyone they know!

5. Fiverr is a not a place to buy promos

You get what you pay for. Fiverr is hit and miss – definitely not for your first baby. And Amazon is hot on the tails of false promos.

If so you’re in the right place at the right time, because you can learn the salient points about promotion and where are the best spots to get promotion –  that’s one step to the stairway of publishing heaven. Get that book out of your head AND promoted because you have me, the Book Juggernaut at your side smashing all the blocks in your head and around you!

All this is only a minuscule fraction of what you will learn in my face to face or online workshops.


Get on the VIP list, no pitch, no fuss, no obligation – just be the first to know! Don’t miss out!

Note: Yes you will be able to publish on your own without this, but it is much better if you really came to the ½ day – you will love it! Especially all the add ons and tools that I will load up on you so that you stagger out like a pack mule in the Himalayas – ( That’s my next adventure, so excuse me if I start boring you!)