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Happy 10th birthday Amazon Kindle!

Happy 10th birthday Amazon Kindle – Today it’s the 19th of November. 10 years ago the first Kindle hit the ether and made publishing history.

It was not it was not something new! There were eReaders before but there was something about different about Amazon Kindle which made it a hit. I have the first version of the Kindle ever created because as soon as the Kindle came onto the market I was one of the very first in my circle of friends who bought a Kindle. Naturally, I bought it online, and with a very spiffy leather book jacket, so that my Amazon Kindle looks like a book.

This is the first Kindle right here in the video above. I splashed out because the Kindle itself was not very expensive but this book case which made it look like a book was. It had this little gadget – this is a little light which comes on like a night light to read. This one might be dead by now but this light was such an innovative excitement for reading in bed tragics like me. I still have this original Kindle with me.

10 years ago today the Amazon Kindle was introduced, it was not the first eReader so why do I think it’s important? Before I go any further I’m Susan Jagannath, I’m a best-selling author and a publisher and it’s thanks to Kindle. Kindle totally disrupted the publishing market. It took the power of publishing away from the big publishing houses and it gave it to the authors and things have become better and better. So today if you’re a writer and if you want to publish you do not have to go chasing agents or begging snooty editors in the big five.

The first reason it’s important is that you can self publish and in fact more than 50% of all books now are self-published. You no longer need the huge engine of a publishing house behind you because all the facilities which a publishing house had before are now available online. The Amazon Kindle broke the power of the five publishing houses, it totally disrupted the market and it allowed in the authors to just publish their books on their own. A lot of people thought that this would result in bad books and perhaps they are they are bad books which should never have been published but because of the power of the huge market if you publish a rubbish book, it’s going to die and sink like a stone.

The second reason is that it’s enabled us to buy books like there’s no tomorrow! I’ve stopped a bit now but book readers and book enthusiasts like me no longer have to buy bookshelf after bookshelf to accommodate a compulsive book buying habit. I have more books on this little Kindle than I have in all the bookshelves in my house and believe me, I have got a lot of books, and I have got a lot of bookshelves! But the Amazon Kindle also makes book buying instantaneous! It’s easier than going to the book store (where are the book stores today?) and it’s easier than going to the library. I must admit sometimes I do go to the library if I want to read a print book of an e-book which I’ve bought, so libraries are not dying out. That’s the second thing it’s enabled people to read more and more books. Regardless of what people say that the book is dead yeah it’s not dead, books are still alive people are still reading books.

The third reason of course is that the Kindle and Amazon enabled me to publish my own book and have my own success as an author. One of the main fears as an author was if I write no-one will publish it. I don’t know why people have that mindset but that was definitely my mindset and I was a stupid thing but one more barrier was removed because I knew I could publish on my own. I went ahead and I wrote my book and it went a best-seller in at least in three categories on Amazon. Today it’s still ranking in the top 10 or top 20 of its categories.

I help people to write their own books and publish on Kindle. Next year I’m launching my own courses on how to self publish your book. I already helped a few people to do it, but I’m now doing it a little more methodically so that’s another reason to say Thank You Kindle and happy birthday Kindle.

I hope that you get your book published next year or if you’re not if you’re not an author just go and read some books this I might hint to you that this is a good book – the Camino Ingles, you can find it on Kindle it’s an excellent book for someone who thinks that they can’t do an adventure. It’ll change their mind! They might go out there and have an adventure and change their lives just like Kindle is changed my life!

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19 March 2018 – Update: You can also see the entire process of publishing and promoting a book, as that is what I am doing right now. Join my street team and see for yourself!  Here is the link –