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Get that book right out of your head!

Is this you?

  • You have heaps of stories, recipes, holidays or adventures trapped in that pretty little head of yours?
  • You’ve swallowed the big fat LIE that it will take years of study and courses and expensive gurus before you can write it all down.

And then..

  • You won’t be able to find a publisher for your work of art?

If so you’re in the right place at the right time, because you can smash all those myths in one shot, and get that book out of your head AND published even if you have never written more than a shopping list and have as many publishing skills as Nemo because you have me, the Book Juggernaut at your side smashing all the blocks in your head and around you!

Did you know that of the 89% of the people who want to write a book, only 1.56% actually write the book? And of that 1.56% less than 25% get it published?

Don’t be a statistic, be a STAR!

This is what you’ll get when you create with me

  1. Cunning Content Hacks
  2. Simply Delightful Strategies
  3. Perfectly Possible Plans


All this is only a minuscule fraction of what you will learn in my face to face or online workshops.


Get on the VIP list, no pitch, no fuss, no obligation – just be the first to know! Don’t miss out!

Note: Yes you will be able to publish on your own without this, but it is much better if you really came to the ½ day – you will love it! Especially all the add ons and tools that I will load up on you so that you stagger out like a pack mule in the Himalayas – ( That’s my next adventure, so excuse me if I start boring you!)