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It is literally a 5 minute path to publishing on Amazon, even if you are starting from scratch. Amazon has help all along the way, and you can take more than 5 minutes if you like. But what else can you do to POWER publish?
The next three important things to remember with publishing
D – Description
E – End Matter
 F – Front Matter


If you’re not sure what I am talking about you’re in the right place at the right time, because you can learn the ABCs (and the DEFs for that matter) of publishing. Get that book out of your head AND promoted AND Published because you have me, the Book Juggernaut at your side smashing all the blocks in your head and around you!

The bells and whistles

A – Description

Your secret weapon – this is your sales page on Amazon. Amazon has the biggest online presence in the worl, and it wants you to be its partner. They clicked on your title now you hook them into your book.

Hook, Line and Story them into buying your book today!

Whats in it for them? Tell them about the benefits for them.

Call to Action – buy my book!

B. End Matter
This is how you will build your list your reviewers and fans. They loved your book, now ask them to leave an honest review. This is a fact – no one leaves a review even if they loved your book because no one asked them to!

Tell them the best way to connect with you is to leave a review! Provide the link to the review page.

Add another bonus, a reader only bonus!An Exclusive Facebook

An Exclusive Facebook Group is a good reader magnet.

An e-course is also a way of staying connected.

C. Front Matter

You’re in an online world. Everything about you and your book must be irresistibly clickable. Stop the scroll with a click and get that click that to convert.
What the user sees in the Look Inside page can result in a conversion from browser to buyer to raving fan.
You need a mind shift. An ebook is different from a print book and must be arranged differently.

Welcome them and offer a bonus or two, yes, even if they don’t buy the book! You will get something far more valuable – their email address. And the money is in your stack of a warm list.

Craft your very first line to hook your reader. No literary and clever masterpieces, just try for a 5 word sentence.
“The bodies piled up downstairs.”
“One thing to ensure success.”
“Your website, your way. A Lie.”
“ A lie and a myth ensnared you.”
Spend a lot of time on your first chapter. Because it is what converts the hook!

All this is only a minuscule fraction of what you will achieve in my workshops!


Get on the VIP list, no pitch, no fuss, no obligation – just be the first to know! Don’t miss out!

Note: Yes you will be able to publish on your own without this, but it is much better if you really came to the ½ day – you will love it! Especially all the add ons and tools that I will load up on you so that you stagger out like a pack mule in the Himalayas – ( That’s my next adventure, so excuse me if I start boring you!)