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It is literally a 5 minute path to publishing on Amazon, even if you are starting from scratch. Amazon has help all along the way, and you can take more than 5 minutes if you like. But what else can you do to POWER publish?
The three most important things to remember with publishing
A – Amazon all the way. Go with the Gorilla in the jungle.
B – Bonuses – you have to have awesome bonuses, because people love ’em.
C – Clickable craziness – Your book has to be clickable..


If you’re not sure what I am talking about you’re in the right place at the right time, because you can learn the ABCs (and the DEFs for that matter) of publishing. Get that book out of your head AND promoted AND Published because you have me, the Book Juggernaut at your side smashing all the blocks in your head and around you!

What you need

A – Amazon account, Author Page, Adwords
It’s Amazon all the way for your first book – including your author account. So few authors do this that you will be ahead of the pack.
Yes, Amazon Ads are the best way to power publish, but it’s an add on, just learn the basics and come back for my Amazon Ads course!
B. Bonuses
This is how you will build your list your reviewers and fans. The 5 best bonuses for a book are:

  • Maps – geographical or mindmaps
  • Workbooks
  • Journals
  • Photo albums ( because you are keepin g all your photos and illustrations OUT of the Kindle)
  • Book bloopers

The first 4 add practical value to your book, the last is a bit of fun to allow you to connect with your readers – you can put up a slideshow of your first mindmap, your rejected covers, or you snarky convos with your editors…remember making fun of yourself is what endears people to you!
C. Clickable Craziness

You’re in an online world. Everything about you and your book must be irresistibly clickable. Stop the scroll with a click and get that click that to convert.
Covers, Author Profile Picture, Bonus Links, Title – everything must sing an enchanting medusa like song to the travellers on the odyssey of book publishing.

All this is only a minuscule fraction of what you will achieve in my workshops!


Get on the VIP list, no pitch, no fuss, no obligation – just be the first to know! Don’t miss out!

Note: Yes you will be able to publish on your own without this, but it is much better if you really came to the ½ day – you will love it! Especially all the add ons and tools that I will load up on you so that you stagger out like a pack mule in the Himalayas – ( That’s my next adventure, so excuse me if I start boring you!)